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Post  Brujeria on Tue Nov 06, 2007 7:47 pm

Hi to you all i thought i introduce my self (although i think most of you all ready know me) i am +25 years old gentlemen of thousands ID´s Wink from northern pole aka Finland
my hobbies are :
Pekiti tirsia kali
Krav Maga (Mossad version)
Myau-thai / Bokator
Few Forms of Karate
Silat (three basically different ones)
Sambo (combat version)
Street Savate
Thaing (some forms)
Kapu Kuialua
San Soo Kung Fu
Small Circle JuJitsu
Monkey Kung Fu
Wing Chun Kung Fu
Tai chi
And plenty of others
So i am natural born killer

traveling around the globe
cliff diving (highest yet 46m)

what i am doing for living (the job)
i have rich family and i have most easiest job in world i search stuff for people (car´s , airplanes etc)+ i own a company called "Columbian White Lines" + i own more than 20 night clubs +logistics company +........ so there is also legal line of business that i am in to

what i like are :
emotions (and Emoticons)
fast cars/driving fast everything bit on side of extreme

In garage

lada 110 mat black with evo 6 engine and drive train
honda accord with cossie 4wd technic
2x m5
1x m6 (now i got two of them one 06 model and one 07 model)
ferrari 612 scaglietti
ferrari 355
ferrari f40
testarosa x2 (man these are hard to drive)
mb s65 amg
mb slr
2006 SL65AMG
twin supercharged m3
Lamborghini Gallardo
lada 1200 with bmw v8 engine and drive train
Bugatti Veyron (bought it last night)
Ford orion with 24v 4,0l v6engine awd drive train and supercharger
so i love cars

fav foods :
karjalan paisti

fav drink(s)

Jack Daniels
Jim beam black label
Johny Walker black label
beer (fav´s are stella artois , millers genuine draft , and bud weiser)
and lately white vines

my fav sentence in English is : This has to the proudest day of our life´s , because of what you have done , the heaven has become part of mans world !

i am forgoting something but never mind

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Post  Cocaine on Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:33 pm

Personal Information
Name: Mica is all i am willing to give in
Age: about something
Birthday: ?
Location: hospital
Occupation: truck driver / manager of an hit man (it can be a word game but i doubt it)
Marital Status: single
Sexual Orientation: really sexual
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: brown
Interests: family, friends, martial arts , my pets but mostly my friends
Your Passion: t.A.T.u in whole
What Instruments do you play: turn tables
What hobbies do you have : Base jumps , Pekiti Tirsia Kali , Systema , go cart racing , parachuting , anything with little danger in it
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ronin
Star Sign :

Other Comments: No comment (if police won´t get one from me i should not give one in here either)

Pets 6x cat
Age: 3 - 9 years old

Food: italian , french, chinese , Poron käristys (it is from Lapland)
Drink: everything that goes to head aka alcoholic
Place(s): Istanbul , Paris , Venez (or what theF*** is that town that is sinking) Tokyo , Moscow , London (absolutely too many to list)
Car: Ferrari F430 / Mazda rx7 triple rotor / Nissan Skyline gtr r32 among others
Film: Saw movies , Hostel movies , Night Watch , Day Watch , Bourne Ultimatum , and many more (too many to ad)

Actor: Matt Damon , Johny Depp
Actress: Yulia Volkova , Elena Katina , Verónica Sánchez ........
TV Show: Jack Ass , Dirty Sanchez
Artist(s): Well i kind of like everything made in 80´s (Mr Mister , Jan Hammer , Gun´s and Roses , Iron Maiden , Metallica , Laura Branigan , New Order , Genesis , Depeche Mode , New Model Army ..... )

And my fav´s from earlier times (Elvis , The Who , Rolling stones , Scorpions , Chris Rea , Gary Moore , Beatles , Johnny Cash , CCR ,
Leonard Cohen , Dire Straits , Deep Purple ....)

And some random artists and bands ( 2PAC , Daniel Lioneye , Cky , OBK
Sepultura , [amatory] , HIM , 69 eyes , Danzig , Crash Diet , Eric Clapton , Santana , Pantera , Deicide , Faith No More , Op:l Bastards , PPK , Mushroomhead , Papa roach , Paradise Lost , And lots of others)

So i am music freak

Song: At this time Zaschischat'sya Ochkami (ya Budu) by t.A.T.u
Music Video: Slipknot - Wait and Bleed

Book: anything in watch series (i really can´t remember who wrote thos but they are awesome
Animal: cat, wolf,

Contact Info : You can try to contact me by meditating (and if it is not working just take step to left that usually helps to make better contact)

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Post  Godsmack on Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:55 pm

name john it's my middle name but it's all i'm willing to give up
collecting used golf balls
favorite things to do i guess compute and discover new hobbies
favorite music rite now i'm on a big russian music kick Smile

thats about it

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Post  Makaveli on Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:02 am

Hey i have´t properly introduced my self - yet

Name - FEAR
Age - ?
Birth Location - Somewhere in Israel

Other Info

I have been in French Foreign Legion and also served in Israel army (and in place what is totally Gekados)

My hobbies are

Wide scale of martial arts
and that is all i am willing to give in

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