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Post  Brujeria on Fri Nov 30, 2007 8:57 am

Well i basically live all a round the globe right now but half of my citizen ship is Finland so i think i tell little about it

we have very good health care (funded by taxes)

Here is Finnish government´s web site

Here is The Finnish National Board of Education´s web page

And here is Finnish IRS web site
(i am not big friend of that administration)

And here is Finnish Vehicle administration web page

And here is Finland in wikipedia

And here is web page of Finland´s finest (traffic police)

And here is basic Finland police web site

And here is promotional video of Finnish army

And here is web pages about Lapland (it is basically where i live when i am in Finland)

And here is info about polar night

And here is info about midnight sun

I think best seasons in Finland are the winter and summer for those two reasons

And here is what makes winter one of my fav seasons

And here is Finnish love metal band HIM

And here is 69eyes website

Those are in my mind the best bands that has come from Finland

And here is Renny Harlin (movie director) i think he is quite famous

And here is Pamela Anderson (bay watch he he he)
She has Finnish family roots

I put more info in this post when i find something more interesting

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