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Post  Brujeria on Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:29 am

Some words for my very possible readers

I know I curse a LOT
I am bad like that
But what is cursing
Is it saying
And stuff like that
Or is it

Eat my brink of excrement
Put your tong to your mothers pudenda
Or is it I will forcefully take your stanzas

To me it is none of those

To me it would be saying

I love you (when so many does not)
I care about you ( - || - )
I hate you ( when many does )

Modern kids say
I want to fuck you , not like in older days when getting to ones pants was way more harder than these days
Then we needed to play a word games like this , I know what would look good on you - ME
Or was it back in the days
I can not be sure

I once get pudenda (the origin of word pussy , or what ever modern word is used now days) by simply saying to a girl
You lay down , and I come in to you - and you will like it
She did (at least lay down and open her self to me , she said she liked it too , but we can never know as girls tends to lie about those things)
I think she did not get pregnant or at least her kid does not look like me , other ways she would have probably called me back :S

I try to change my wording to a way-around-words of cursing words , but I would need to get my mind working as fast as my fingers ( many girls say that these are best fingers of them all , they all can not be lying can they ) or other way around
So I am officially very much sorry if I have used cuss words or how rude words are called in rules - I am sorry

But think about it

Some green activists think CO2 is a curse word should that be included
Some nazi bastards think that Jew is a curse word should that be included
Some dead old poets say that Cant is the new Cunt should both be included
Or should we look all words trough fingers (at least in fan-art section) as I am rather sure modern kid does not know he is cursing when he says Fuck - when he means Make Love
Some fox girls says that fur is the new fuhrer , should both be included to list of denied words

This fuzzes me as I fuzzes buzzes , that could be read many ways

There is always a way to say bad things Like FUCK when you hit your head with hammer ( I tried that once , good hammer went broken , I went silent for a while ... then I said PERKELE <--- That really should be included as even modern kids does not mean anything good with it )
And there is bad ways and good ways
I think we need them both
And I think I am rather good in both of those

I wonder what would modern hooker say to me if I would ask "how much of licking my reproductive, intromittent organ that additionally serves as the urinal duct for me" , I think she would not understand a word , unless she is high priced call girl they know all the bad words .....

I really do not know

Do I need 2nd opinion about this - do I look like it punk <--- that was politeness way back in 80┤s

But if you have a opinion , please share , it is so lonely to be here all alone , by my self Suspect



I am totally against calling people strictly names ( fouling them , calling them shit head or something like that ) - It is never productive (unless I do it , in form of freestyle rap or something , but I NEVER have made a freestyle rap that would have hurted that persons feelings ( that is said to me by someone else , he said something like this " she does not give a shit about your rants " I kinda knew she did not care so I did it , was it nice HELL no , but I did it all the way , now I let her be she is now nothing to me ..... :rose: Now days I am smarter than that ( I removed her user name from that poem , ┤cause i thought she could not give a flying fuck about it ) I dedicate all my cussing poems , hate words and all that can see as offensive TO MY MAIL MAN and to a Peter Pan ( it bugs me , how in place of everafter he can fly like that , and make food out of air AND NEVER GET OLD )

If you recognize your self from my poetry (be it good - then maybe it is you , if it is bad - calm down it is my mail man I am talking about )

Oh why I hate my mail man that much , he once pissed to my mail box , I know I catch him on act of doing so , maybe he did that because I taped day before that a rat trap underside of lid of my mailbox all fired and ready to go , maybe he did not take that as a joke he should have taken it but as an insult towards his death threats he did write to me all weeks before that ( I know it was him , do not ask how )

Damn I bruised my bladder by holding in all this pee , while I am writing this

Take care


( I actually did get bit lost from original subject , it was what is cursing after writing this , I tend to think it is calling evil forces of all universe to make something bad for someone who I think deserves it , Curse - cursing - I guess that is why they call it rather smartly if rules A cuss language - But I ain't probably smart enough to know what cuss means , is it something to eat Smile )

I go to sleep now

If you have a problem with me
Bring it on , do not bother a moderators with it , their beautiful eyes would go sour and teary if they would read all this
Or do what you want , but why not try to ask me what I mean with that something that has hurted your minds , I think I did not mean to hurt anyone , did I , i d k , I forgot already


In reality I love you guys and girls all of you and I mean it in good way ( every one that is in member list ( spammbots not all included ) every single one of you I LOVE YOU ) You make this forum such a lovely place where every flower has its rights to grow , and debate is always on , some call it war , I say I love it it is what makes this place so perfect - Where ever elsewhere people loves to "hate" each others so much that they would not forgive a simple copycat of one former members manners , beats the shit out of me ( sorry about that ) I really do not know , but I know I love this place as most of you , accidental forum visitors , smart ass spammbots and regulars who are not going anywhere , just like me , I have found my 2nd home , and it is here .

That excludes my mail man and Peter Pan ( if he is in member list or is he some one else that I wont say ) I really hate those mother fucking stink ass rat fucking cunt despising sick head nazi bastards , I hate them so Embarassed


I Raped The Virgin Mary And Hung The Bastard Christ
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