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Post  Brujeria on Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:49 am

Histoire d'L
Year 2012

World end did not come , even if Lena had hoped so
Her career has went shit and sour , bleak she was weak without power
She had no place to go , no phone no home
Well not completely true , she could always beg mercy from her ex-friend now a foe

She was depraved , in ways of sexuality and sleep
She was in deep shit , head first shoulder deep

So she decided to go and pray that old friend of hers ....
In a way to her place her mind was blurred with S&M themes .....

She knelt on their front door
And ring the bell .... no one opened
So she rang some more
Suddenly a masculine figure opened the door
And told her to keep her eyes on the floor
Lena was bit wet , due the rain and being treated like a pet
He told her to crawl in , she shivered deep in this sin

They gave her place to stay
But her place would be between mattress and clay
She would have to do all they would say
Servant by day , slave by night
What a nice decadence , in sight
They did too away her real name
And called her L instead

First night as L

She was stripped off from her clothes
And forced to kneel in corner , over rice
While Yulia and Baldie , had time nice
Sex or fucking in word of the streets
Her mistake was to look
She noticed it as they tied her to a overhead hook
Whipping was on her list , she must count , every 2nd hit
Did she learn her lesson , not at all , she enjoyed being noticed
And being forced to crawl
When they were done on teaching her
They asked her to lick them clean from the dust and lust of hours of sex in between
Then the lead her to her cage , she was wet , but not allowed to touch her self ..... her future looked ill but nice
Human dignity for her zero , nil , but at least she did not have to sell her self on the streets of Paris

Day one

L´s day started by being called as dog
And treated as one , tail up in ass gag tie up in her mouth
No clothes all beauty shared , sadistically they her stared
Forced to stay on four wheel drive , her world was not so divine
They ate breakfast , she stared her knees , in corner , fantasizing coming deeds
Collar in her neck felt so good , like it would serve a safe against the rude words flood
Her back was full of red welts of different whips and belts
When they had eaten , the took of the muffle from her face
And told her to lick the floor clean , if she was gonna eat today
They were mean , but for her own good , at least if she would behave she would get food

When the floor was shiny and not slimy by slavy saliva
They gave her dog biscuits and bucket of water , she was no diva in this household
Her place was shown , her humiliation was grown as she had not been in toilet for freaking hours
She was trying not to ask for permission to go , but then she could not longer hold
"May I pee mistress"
-No you may not
"Mistress there is pee in me and there is lot"
-Beg for it , you dog
"Mistress , please , please , I need to pee , you see , I can not hold it in me , please let me pee"
- Baldie , what you think , should she be allowed to pee ....
And baldie said nothing , instead he gave L a pint and Yulia told that she is free to use it as toilet
But she must empty it with her mouth .....
So she thought about half a s , and took the pint , put it between her legs , and pee´ed it full , but there was more pee to come , she tried to stop it , but could not , so she pee´ed all over freshly licked floor , oh girl oh poor
They laughed to her face , and told to her that she was a humankinds disgrace , she was blushing , when they suggested that her toilet needs flushing

So she raised the pint of pee , to her peasant lips and tasted the shame of it
She was thirsty , but damn it was piss , she felt her worth falling lower , under their humiliating power
But she managed to drink it all , she kept her nose closed whole time all
They told her to lick the shit that she had peen over their kitchen floor , like headless chicken , clean
This time she could not keep her nose closed as they pushed her beautiful face to her own bodily waste
"Lick it you bitch" they both said , and she did lick it , crying but enjoying and she was amazed by it
Then she had terrible thought , what happens when I need to shit .....

I Raped The Virgin Mary And Hung The Bastard Christ
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Post  Brujeria on Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:11 am

Night two , this story gets perverted tune ( like it would not have one already )

Lena did get the floor cleaned , or licked


At nine a clock her bowels were filled with bodily waste
She was afraid to ask , but she was smarter now , so she did brave her self to do it
"Master may I poop"
Ok dog , lets go to walk
And he attached a leash to her strangling collar and slapped her perky ass with manly pace
And he lead her to a open street , three youngsters looked bit weirdly as baldie told dear L to make a shit
She was gonna say no , but remembered her place , so she squated in front of baldie middle of the street
And her bowels emptied them self in so not girly tune ..... she was embarrassed , but why , she think
Baldie spit on her face and told to hurry , so she did push with all she got to make her master happy
Master (or baldie) told her that she is indeed naughty lil puppy , but that is the way he likes his puppies to be

He did lead her around the block , her knees were bleeding due sharp pieces of glass that there was all over the city streets

And back in the home door , he told L to suck his well Pen-is , in a public place , she felt more humiliated than ever
So she opened his zipper , first she tried it with her hands , but that resulted a clap to fingers , so she tried with her mouth ... and that worked well
Majestic sight welcomed her curious slave eyes , in not so admiring state , it was relaxed , bit like 17 cm worm , so she tricked it to her wet mouth and it started to grow larger , soon her mouth was full of it , it was atleast 28 cm long and 6cm in diameter , so we can fairly say that baldie is decent sized man
She sucked it long and hard , and it started to snow , as temperature was below zero , she was feeling warm first time in her life in under minus ten degrees , she realized that this is her place to be , she sucked it and blow jobbed it
And then it was time for him to come
He growled in voice with pleasures that she was not even aware off " Swallow it "

And he came
And he came a lot
Altogether two double whisky glasses
And drops more
His balls were empty and he was happy
So he let L in again

In the hall way she was welcomed by familiar looking pussy
She know who it was ( she would have to be rather stupid not to know who it was .... don´t you think )

Yulia told her to make her cum
First she had to kiss her legs
From toes to knees and upwards from there
Her lips worked hard and so did her tong
In radio sarcastically played Perfect Enemy
Why should I indeed .... she though in her overloaded mind
She was slowly allowed to touch the pussy that was already surprisingly wet , just by looking her submitting ....
She licked around it , kissed to middle of it , suck inner parts of it , licked the clit and then started to suck it
After a sort period of time that felt like period circle of life time , she was getting some results ....
And after ages that felt like blink of an eye in universe of perverse she made her cum , she came wet and lot squirted as they call it , she managed to catch most of it .... some spilled to floor and she was told to clean it after the pink crack was clean
So she licked it with pleasure , to shiny and clean state ....
And started to lick the floor

That while baldie has got him self a joint or two and told that after so good oral service there is one more possible way to use such a lustful and pretty mouth ....

She got the floor clean , and asked
"Master what do you mean , I am happy if I could please"

It would make kinda beautiful ashtray ....

"Your words are my law master and mistress , I do what ever you say"

So he lighted a joint for him self and other for the queen of the house Yulia
They did drop the ashes to her mouth , and she was told to swallow when they say cheese
They smoked minute they smoke two , they said cheese time or few
And she swallowed , ash has never tasted so heavenly ....
They did in the end drop the shorts of joints to her wet mouth ..... and let them be there , second after second , she was starting to panic , could she take the burning feeling in her mouth any longer , and she did swallow without permission

Their mood changed from hilarious to humiliarous , their eyes were cold cold , when they ordered a punishment , that is too rude to be told ..... or is it i d k
They tied her to a wall her toes barely touching the floor her hands behind her neck
They took out the clothespins , and not just few , but 15 per tit they placed them
And 8 to a pussy
Time was set to a 45 minutes mark , but she must stay quiet otherwise the time restarts
She was going to go insane , all she felt was 38 points of sharp pain
44 minutes of agonising silence , under hard and cold eyes of her owners
A 45 minutes mark they started to pull the pins away , she almost fainted , and screamed out of pleasure and pain

Yulia told her
"Time will start again"

And her 2nd night was full of 45 minutes periods of pleasure and pain

I Raped The Virgin Mary And Hung The Bastard Christ
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